Monday, October 10, 2011

Updates: It has been a while!!!

Well I would like to apologize for how long it has been since I have posted  blog! I was reading my last post and we had just started our homestudy!!! WOW!  We are almost done with our homestudy now! We couldn't have asked for a better social worker. Her name is Maegan and she is a blessing. (She is expecting her first child so ya'll can keep her in your prayers!) I'm so excited because she will be doing our post adoption stuff also so we are not done with her yet! She came to our house for the first visit, the second visit we met her in Montgomery where she did separate interviews on me and Ben, and the last visit was last week and we had it again in our home. They all went great!!! Maegan told us that our homestudy has gone faster than normal so that is such a blessing! We are now finishing up any paperwork that has to be done so that she can write up the homestudy and get our family coordinator at America World to review it and approve it. Once it is finalized we can apply for grants and we can apply for the oh so very important letter that we need to actually bring our child home. This is something that the USCIS processes. The letter will basically be the pass for our child to be let in the U.S. when we come home. Please pray that everything goes smoothly!

We have also finished our physicals. We had to do this for both the homestudy and our dossier. Shots, a lot of blood taken, and three separate co pays (boo) and they are done! yay! Now that the homestudy is well on its way to being done I am focusing on dossier paperwork so we can hopefully be DTE (our dossier will be sent to Ethiopia) by the beginning of the year! Pray that will be so! Another big hurdle is the fact that when we send in our dossier we also have to pay a whopping $8,000! Pray for us as we raise the money for that. May you also consider praying about helping us raise that money?

Something I really really wanted to share with you is the fact that first: God is so faithful when I am not!! Second: I have the most amazing parents, family, and friends. We had our first adoption yard sale this past weekend. A friend of our family offered to have it at her house which was an awesome place to have it by the way! I want to take the time to brag on my mother. Twila Wiggins is the most wonderful mommy any girl could ask for. ( You can argue with me but I'm right! ;) ) She has worked so incredibly hard to gather things for the yard sale and planning everything. I love you Mommy! Thanks to everyone who gave towards the sale! We had such a variety of stuff! Thank you to my sister who helped my mom sort and price all the stuff! I love you! Thank you to my Daddy, brother, husband for loading and unloading stuff, Thanks to the Thornburg family who let us have the yard sale at their house, Mrs. Beverly who gave stuff, helped plan, and had a lemonade stand with cookies! Thanks Mrs. Pam for making brownies! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!! I am so excited about it because this past weekend we raised almost $900 just selling stuff and we made almost $1500 including donations. How amazing is God!!!!!!!! He is our provider! Why do I doubt??? He is so faithful! This yard sale alone is paying for our homestudy! Praise Him  Praise Him!

I want to remind everyone to continue to check out our just love coffee store. You can find it by looking at the website on the right of this blog.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We do feel them! There are days when I feel exhausted physically and mentally and miss my baby that I have never even met, but the Lord is faithful and he called us to this and will lead us through and he will be glorified through this as well! If you would like to donate please find information to do so at the right of the blog. We still have a ways to go but the Lord has provided thus far and I know he will continue to do so. Maybe through some of you?
God bless everyone of you!

"Lord, our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth!" Psalm 8:9

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